‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ Episode 4 Sticks Up for Trans Rights in a Beautiful Way

  • Netflix’s new show The Baby-Sitters Club is unabashedly feminist.
  • The new Baby-Sitters Club is a loving adaptation of the crazy popular Scholastic book series of the 1980s and ’90s.
  • When Mary Anne shows up to babysit Bailey, she slowly comes to the realization that Bailey is transgender. While Mary Anne understands that Bailey’s new pink princess clothes help people see her for who she is, new friend Dawn (Xochitl Gomez) goes further in simplifying what it means to be transgender by comparing it to finally using your dominant hand after years of people forcing you not to.

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A transgender child actor appeared in an episode of the 2020 Baby-Sitters Club television series.

Kai Shappley, 9, appeared in an episode of the 2020 Netflix series entitled “Mary Anne Saves the Day,” where she plays “Bailey,” a transgender child.

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Kai Shappley: A Trans Girl Growing Up In Texas | Emmy-Winning Documentary 

Serie Netflix incluye a un personaje transgénero de 9 años de edad

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