10º Congreso Internacional de Metodologías de la Investigación en Comunicación – COIME 2023 (España)

Inicio: 25/10/2023 Fin: 26/10/2023

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Facultad de Ciencias de la Información- Madrid



The paper will be presented during the Conference in Madrid or via videoconference (Google Meet). The videoconferences will be thematic panels where several speakers will present their paper for 15 minutes and the rest of the participants (online or face to face) will be able to intervene after these presentations. Google Meet, a tool provided by the Complutense University of Madrid, will be used for the videoconferences.

One of the authors of the paper will be in charge of the presentation. In the case of papers signed by several authors (maximum three), the rest of the authors will be able to participate in the panel.


– Papers must necessarily deal with methodological aspects of communication research:

We are not looking for complete investigations, with their results, but for a methodology proposal and an analysis of how this methodology can be used by other researchers in other studies. Therefore, the important thing is not to explain how a methodology was used in a specific case, but rather what advantages and disadvantages the methodology presented has. In this sense, the title and abstract should give sufficient relevance to the proposed methodology. In addition, the Discussion, Debate or Conclusions sections should cite other works on research methodologies, so that a true debate among researchers is possible.

– The languages accepted for papers will be Spanish, English and Portuguese.

– In the case of papers signed by several authors, each author must pay the registration fee in order to receive the corresponding certificate

– The certificate of having presented a paper will be sent by e-mail to the authors in digital format at the end of the conference.

– The congress will not provide grants or scholarships for travel or accommodation.


The papers presented at the Conference may be published in the journals Comunication & Methods (Dialnet Métricas Q4) and Pensar la publicidad (Dialnet Métricas Q3), after the review of the journal. Authors will not have to pay any fee. In addition, an electronic book will be published by Fragua Ed (SPI Q1). with the texts of the authors who prefer it, once the papers pass the review of the Scientific Board.

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