Epistemic Crisis: Journalism, Academia and the Production of Knowledge Conference (Irlanda)

Inicio: 08/03/2024 Fin: 09/03/2024





Journalism and academia have interlinked yet divergent histories as forms of knowledge production, evolving different working assumptions and practices, and different institutional worldviews. In recent years, partly due to the similar challenges they face – wide public distrust in institutions of knowledge and the erosion of public spheres – there are increasing signs of collaboration and cross-fertilisation, as well as shared anxieties about the future.

A new media ecology – a digital, mobile, and platform-dominated environment of fragmented publics – has upended how we communicate and hastened a crisis of knowledge production in epistemic institutions, including journalism and academia. Advances in information-generation technologies have also presented extraordinary opportunities for knowledge production and the sharing of ideas with broader publics, increasing diversity and accessibility, and providing new forms of verifiability and accountability.

This conference, organised by UCD Clinton Institute and The Conversation, will scope emerging relations between knowledge production, technologies and public life, and look ahead with ideas on how to build trust and confidence in public knowledge.

Topics may include but are not confined to:

· producing knowledge in the public interest

· examples of collaboration between academics and journalists

· hybrid investigative research

· how to enhance policy impact

· differences in working practices and in ethical standards

· verifiability and accountability

· objectivity in journalism and academia

· media reception and motivated reasoning

· use of data

· open source intelligence and public knowledge

· storytelling techniques

· linking newsrooms and classrooms

· advocacy, activism and dissent

· public intellectuals and tech intellectuals

· knowledge exchange, engagement, and impact

· social media, blogging and podcasting as knowledge platforms

· influencers as producers of knowledge

· from a public sphere to a network of publics and platform publics

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