VIII GENDERCOM (International Conference on Gender and Communication) (Italia)

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GENDERCOM is a biennial conference dedicated to the critical analysis of the construction of gender
identities in society and the media. It is an opportunity for scholars dealing with the complex and
multifaceted field of gender and media studies to meet and exchange ideas, aimed at highlighting
original research paths in terms of themes, method, study approaches or socio-cultural perspectives.
In addition to being highly topical, the topics at the centre of the conference are significant for
several reasons. Firstly, the complex and changing nature of products, technologies and actors
in the media system, the socio-political implications of media narratives, especially in relation to
persistent gender inequalities. The accumulation and juxtaposition of contents, formats, products
and consumption practices describe a scenario in which conventional practices and contents
coexist with innovative practices and products.
Thus, the focus of the conference is on the coexistence, in the media, of cultural resistance, forms
of discrimination, stereotypes and manifestations of violence linked to gender identities or sexual
orientations together with the emergence of new sensitivities conveyed by the media that promote
and disseminate ideas, images and narratives that are more articulate and respectful of diversity
The eighth edition of the event, organised by the University of Tuscia, the Sapienza, University of
Rome, and the University of Seville, will be held on 12 (online), 13 and 14 October (face-to-face
participation) at the University of Tuscia in Viterbo, about an hour away from Rome.
The conference languages will be English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.
The abstract must not exceed 1,000 words (200 words minimum) and must be submitted via form
by September 20, 2022. We accept proposal in all the languages provided by the Conference

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