Call for Papers: Political Journalism & the Impact of the Market: New Digital Challenges or Old Pressures?

Date(s) - 09/06/2020 - 12/06/2020
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This symposium aims to examine the effects of the market on political journalism in democratic societies in Europe, covering various national contexts with different political and financial circumstances. The measures of austerity that have been imposed either directly or indirectly on various economies in Europe and subsequently on political journalism are at the very core of what the symposium seeks to explore, as it aims to examine the effect of these policies on key areas, such as media business models, working conditions, new regulations, and perceptions of journalistic identity.

The symposium poses the question of whether the current challenges are a result of the digitization and the inclusion of a variety of platforms in the media ecology, that directly affected the economic media models across Europe, or whether these challenges reflect established market mechanisms.

Due to financial, political and technological reasons, journalism is undergoing a continuous process of redefining itself. At the same time, journalism continues to be regarded as an integral part of modern democratic societies, but also as a major historical force that contributes to important ways to so-called “epistemological politics”, according to which the politics of what we know and how we act as citizens is linked to the politics of how we know.