IADA 2020 / DISCOURSE, DIALOGICITY & DIALOGUE: Towards culture(s) of dialogue? Communicating unity in/and diversity through language and discourse

Date(s) - 21/09/2020 - 25/09/2020
Todo el día



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Due to the rapidly escalating pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, the Conference Committee, together with the IADA Board Members, took the decision to organize IADA 2020 entirely in the on-line mode. Safety first is our priority.Additionally, so as to reduce to the absolute minimum the conference formalities or expenses in the extremely difficult conditions of the present moment, we also decided (at the local level of the Warsaw host) to exempt all the participants completely from paying the conference fee. At the same time, you are asked to pay the IADA membership according to standard conditions, as announced on both the IADA website and the Warsaw IADA 2020 / DDD website. Please also remember to submit your registration form via the conference website at your earliest convenience, but no later than 31 May.

Currently we are preparing the on-line conference infrastructure which would provide smooth and easy-to-access platform for communication to IADA 2020 participants. We will inform you about the details soon by e-mail and in website updates.We have also started working on the conference programme, which will be sent to the participants via e-mail in due course.

All remaining conference materials, including the IADA 2020 abstracts and descriptions of the social programme planned (for instance, guided e-tours of the University, of Warsaw and of Poland) will be available for the IADA participants free of charge on the conference website.