A global survey of what news organisations are doing with artificial intelligence



Our media landscape is undergoing a significant transformation due to technological advancements, particularly since the proliferation of generative AI (genAI). This transformation has sparked discussions, and various media coverage- topics swing between positive breakthroughs in fields like medicine, to concerns about genAI’s potential to generate undetectable disinformation, exacerbating discrimination and societal inequalities.

Our research delves further into these concerns, and positive uses, and also reveals that genAI is already reshaping the journalism landscape. It also includes context on how news organisations have continued to develop “traditional” AI and how they are approaching the new challenges of genAI.

In this second JournalismAI global survey, more than 120 editors, journalists, technologies and mediamakers from 105 small and large newsrooms across 46 countries share their learnings on the use of AI and genAI. The report addresses the quality and sustainability of journalism.

Regardless of your view on genAI, this report emphasises the importance of understanding and engaging with this technology, which is reshaping journalism. We hope it will help the industry identify best practices, useful strategies, and pathways to efficiency and innovation.



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