Challenges of the digital society in the nordic countries and in Spain, The: democracy, society and culture, Karen Arriaza, Lars Nord (2022)


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Editorial: Fragua
Año publicación: 2022
Autor: Lars Nord, Karen Arriaza

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« This pioneering book, edited by Karen Arriaza Ibarra and Lars Nord, makes an important intervention in comparative communication research within the EU, connecting Nordic and Mediterranean perspectives on the digital society and culture »Daya Thussu, Professor of International Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Book recommendation

«The chief merit of this book edited by Karen Arriaza Ibarra and Lars Nord lies on putting together Nordic and Spanish perspectives on digital culture. It is indeed a new approach, which may also gather academic readers in Latin America. I would like to strongly recommend it!». Muniz Sodré, Ph. D.  Emeritus Professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Chair of Cathedra on Democracy, Diversity and Communication at  the Institute for Advance Studies, São Paulo University (USP)

« To face the challenges and uncertainties of the complex digital world, we need some thoughtful studies like this book, which makes a profound, comprehensive, and prospective thinking on the important aspects of the digital society in the Nordic countries and in Spain. » Jidong Li – Deputy Dean, Institute of Communication Studies – Communication University of China (Beijing)