Your Career in the Media & Creative Industries


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Editorial: Sage
Año publicación: 2024
Autor: Georgia Stone, Matthew Kerry

Employability is at the front of all our minds when studying for a degree, but it can be hard to find resources that offer thorough guidance in finding placements and job opportunities.  This textbook offers you a step-by-step guide to careers in the media industry.  Drawing on their own extensive teaching experience, the authors ask you questions in every chapter to help you practise your critical thinking skills.  They offer specific exercises to help you develop a portfolio, CV, social media profiles and interview skills. This up-to-date resource will equip you to discover and secure your dream creative job.  Packed with exclusive insights in ‘Student Voices’ and ‘Hear From the Experts’ sections, this book contains tips from those at every stage of their career.

This book is written to complement employability and work placement modules across a whole range of media and communication degrees, but it’s also for any undergraduate student looking to work in the media and creative industries. It covers every stage of the job-seeking process, starting with guidance for identifying potential employment sectors and incorporating insights into what employers are looking for from you.  This key text will leave you feeling career-ready by informing you about the world of opportunities in the media and creative industries. By the end of the book, you will have practised writing a cover letter and delivering an ‘elevator pitch’, allowing you to feel confident as you take the next steps beyond university.  Spanning topical issues, from working from home and freelancing to advice on avoiding burnout, this introduction to your media career is both current and comprehensive.