Do tratamento Organização da informação: Reflexões sobre concepções, perspectivas e tendencia, Authors Maria da Graça Simões, Gercina Ângela de Lima(2020)

+ info:  Coimbra University Press

This work presents a theoretical and historical reflection on the classical notions of information treatment and information organization, based on the epistemological sphere of knowledge organization. It consists of eight chapters that discuss (1) the terminological variations produced in Brazilian and Portuguese Science and Teaching, (2) the discussion of theoretical and conceptual aspects of information organization and representation and their correlation with the practical aspects that involve digital informational environments; (3) the conceptual design inherent to the representation of information made from the discussion of cataloging as a confluence of descriptive, thematic, contextual and access to information aspects so that the interconnection between them is assured; (4) the different theoretical and methodological perspectives on domain modeling applied to the elaboration of information representation and retrieval tools, in the context of electronic information and communication networks; (5) the identification and exploitation of aspects of terminological variation in scientific production on Information Organization relating to the terms Documentary Analysis and Subject Analysis; (6) information resource representation applications, contexts and processes where innovations derived from computer science, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and new database platforms have transformed the context of data production. documents, knowledge organization systems, semantic exploration and visualization methods.

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