“Ethics for Records and Information Management”, Norman A. Mooradian (2020)

+ info: ALA Neal-Schuman

Records and Information Ethics proposes and develops an ethics framework specific to professionals who manage content as records. It is unique in that it based in applied ethics but addressed to the context and issues of records and information management, providing a systematic treatment of principles and concepts that will help information professionals deal with ethical issues, formulate policies, and address compliance challenges. The organization of the material and application of business and professional ethical concepts to the records field is original and will serve as a foundation for education and training in the field.This book provides essential knowledge in a concise, easy to understand manner. Readers will quickly gain competence in using ethical concepts and principles to address issues that confront their fields of practice. For practitioners and students entering the fields of information management, it will be an essential text and preparation for the emerging, interdisciplinary field of information governance and the wide range of skill sets it requires.

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