The 2020 survey explores ethical challenges and resources, cyber security and communications, gender equality in the profession, strategic issues and communication channels, as well as the status quo and future requirements for competency development. The European Communication Monitor 2020 is based on responses from 2,324 communication professionals in 44 countries. Detailed analyses are available for 22 countries and different types of organisations (companies, non-profits, governmental, agencies).

  • Ethical challenges: Digital communication channels bring along new ethical challenges, but the majority of communication professionals are lacking up-to-date resources to tackle them
  • Gender issues: Three out of four communication departments employ more women than men, but still only one out of two top leaders in the field are women – the main barriers identified are a lack of flexibility and intransparent promotion policies within organisations
  • Cyber security: Communication practitioners fear the hacking of websites and social media accounts – they are often involved in handling cyber security issues, but seldom help to build resilience
  • Competence gaps: Large competence gaps are identified in the fields of technology and data, although communication professionals have completed an average of 19 training days in 2019

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