Futures of Journalism. Technology-stimulated Evolution in the Audience-News Media Relationship, Ville J. E. Manninen, Mari K. Niemi, Anthony Ridge-Newman (2022)

+ info: Springer

This book examines how technologies are changing, will change, or could change the relationship between audiences and news media. It highlights how novel technologies could have fundamental implications for the way that news media interact with wider society. The book comprises of four thematic parts. Firstly, it focuses on the impact of technological development on the news media business, exploring how news media uses new technologies to improve their sustainability. Secondly, it considers the ethical dilemmas that arise when audience-news media relationships are transformed by technological development. The third part of the book approaches the effects of novel technologies from the journalists’ viewpoint: how do new technologies intervene in the audience-news media relationship through journalistic work? Finally, the fourth part dissects the ways new technologies can impact audience-news media relationships through transforming audience agency, audience preferences and news media’s understanding of them.

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