Grupo Prisa. Media Power in Contemporary Spain By Luis A. Albornoz, Ana I. Segovia, Núria Almiron (2020)

+ info: Routledge

In one of the first English-language studies of Grupo Prisa, this book delivers a comprehensive and concise approach to the political, economic and social-cultural profile of one of the leading cross-media conglomerates in Europe, tracing its development from a single newspaper publisher in 1972.

Prisa is now the world’s leading Spanish and Portuguese-language media group in the creation and distribution of content in the fields of culture, education, and information, producing content for more than twenty countries with global brands like El País (newspaper), Los 40 (radio), or Santillana (education). Using a critical political economy approach, the authors track Prisa’s journey to becoming a cross-media conglomerate, and examine how it mirrors the recent history of the economic and political developments in Spain.

This concise and highly contemporary volume is ideal for students, scholars and researchers looking to further their understanding of a growing Spanish-language media power, or more generally interested in international communication and media industries.

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