Digital War


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The aim of this journal is to critically explore what war means today and how it will develop in the future. As using the title ‘Digital War’ demonstrates, the focus is not to identify a new form of war but an entire emergent research field. Digital War provides an interdisciplinary forum for cutting-edge analysis of contemporary warfare, unifying researchers and knowledge from media studies, politics and IR, cybersecurity, the military, art, library and information studies, geography, and cultural studies as well as from political and technological commentators.

They welcome submissions in the following intersecting area:

·         Media and Journalism: digital war reporting, photojournalism and film-making; social media and war, including their use by governments, militaries, soldiers and civilians; the role of technologies such as the smartphone and apps; the public experience of and participation in warfare; Wikileaks and leaking; fake news (intentional and unintentional spreading); digital imagery and graphics.

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