Migration, Mobility and Sojourning in Cross-cultural Films, Ishani Mukherjee and Maggie Griffith Williams (2020)

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Global movements and intercultural communication are oft-explored themes in popular cinema from Hollywood and beyond. The authors pay homage to this cinematic trend by locating international films within key themes that tie into global movements, their complexities, and implications. While some films focus on migrants’ experiences of culture shock, cultural assimilation, and/or integration, other cinematic texts focus on cultural identities that are in transition within contexts of social mobility and movements. Other films explore the short-term intercultural impact that sojourners experience in unfamiliar cultural spaces and in different social positions.

Each chapter explores how intercultural communication functions in the film’s storytelling and in the movement or stasis of the characters’ relationships. In the process, the authors cut up and critique these cross-cultural media for how they inform audiences about real-life movements and intercultural experiences.

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