Post-Horror Art, Genre and Cultural Elevation, David Church (2021)

+ info: Edimburg University Press

Explores one of the most prominent and debated trends within the horror genre

  • Offers the first in-depth study of one of the twenty-first-century horror genre’s most important and divisive developments
  • Explores the shared aesthetics, themes, and reception of the post-horror corpus
  • Updates existing debates about horror cinema, artistic value, and cultural taste

Horror’s longstanding reputation as a popular but culturally denigrated genre has been challenged by a new wave of films mixing arthouse minimalism with established genre conventions. Variously dubbed ‘elevated horror’ and ‘post-horror,’ films such as The BabadookIt FollowsThe WitchIt Comes at NightGet OutThe InvitationHereditaryMidsommarA Ghost Story, and mother! represent an emerging nexus of taste, politics, and style that has often earned outsized acclaim from critics and populist rejection by wider audiences. Post-Horror is the first full-length study of one of the most important and divisive movements in twenty-first-century horror cinema.

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