What will the coronavirus pandemic mean for the business of news?

The coronavirus pandemic will impact every part of our lives and societies, including our news media. Even in the best case scenario, there will be major disruptions in many countries for months, with economic and social consequences felt long after. From a public health point of view, the pandemic may not end for another 18 months or more.

Both online news sites and television news programmes have seen a surge in audience attention as people seek to understand the pandemic, what is being done about it, and what they can do themselves. However, many of the independent news media people rely on will themselves nonetheless be at risk during this crisis.

Existing forces of creative destruction already rippling through the industry are now compounded by the unwelcome arrival of a pandemic that those of religious disposition may see as little less than one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Some have already described the likely impact on news media as an “extinction event” for our media environments, a moment for news media akin to the biotic crises that lead to widespread and rapid decrease in biodiversity.

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