Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies 


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Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies is an English-language forum for theoretical, methodological and critical debate on Italian film and media production, reception and consumption. It provides a platform for dialogue between academics, filmmakers, cinema and media professionals. This peer-reviewed journal invites submissions of scholarly articles relating to the artistic features, cultural themes, international influence and history of Italian film and media. Furthermore, the journal intends to revive a critical discussion on the auteurs, revisit the historiography of Italian cinema and celebrate the dynamic role played by new directors. The journal includes a book and film review section as well as notes on Italian film festivals abroad and international conference reports.

VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture


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VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture offers an international platform for outstanding academic research and archival reflection on television as an important part of our European cultural heritage. The journal is open to many disciplinary perspectives on European television – including television history, media studies, media sociology, cultural studies and television studies.