1st International Digital Storytelling Festival: We, The story (Grecia)

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Greek Universities





The Greek Island of Zakynthos (Zante) constitutes a spot in time and space where the convergence of diverse sociocultural narratives takes place: Hugo Foscolos, Andreas Kalvos, Dionysios Solomos (national poet of Greece), and Andreas Vesalius are amongst the island’s most notable cultural figures.

With that in mind, four Laboratories from three Greek Universities (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, University of the Aegean, Ionian University) have collaborated to organise the biannual International Digital Storytelling Festival (DST-Zakynthos)¹, between the biannual DST conferences.

DST-Festival celebrates the art of digital storytelling. DST-Festival is expected to constitute a space where the diverse community-driven digital stories can be communicated to the broader community, shared, and critically reflected upon by experts (artists, scientists, medical doctors etc.) and by the Festival participants (DST creators or not).

The 1ˢᵗ International Digital Storytelling Festival “We, The story” (DST-Zakynthos 2024) will be hosted by the «Foskolos» multi-purpose hall (https://cinefoskolos.gr).

DST-Zakynthos 2024 comprises a competitional and a non-competitional part. The competitional part of Festival is organized in six themes:

  • Culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Science – Research
  • Society

Each creator may compete to any competitional theme (maximum two DSTs per creator in total).

Who can contribute with a DST to the Festival? DST is characterised by the creator’s truth, a personal narrative, crucially differing from a video clip or a short film. We accept any DST created within an acknowledged institution, organization etc. (accompanied with a respective verification Letter), or an Independently created DST (accompanied with a Letter briefly explaining the process of its creation). Each submission includes the DST (with the respective Letter), an Authorisation Letter (that the DST may be showed in public), and a Letter of Commitment (that the DST may be included in the Festival programme), payment of the handling fees (15 euros per DST).

Detailed information about the procedures of entering the DST festival competition may be found at https://dstfestival.org, while queries may be sent to info@dstfestival.org.
Considering the non-competitional part, this year, the Festival will host a special session devoted to Greece, entitled “hiStories across the topos and the chronos.”
Furthermore, in parallel with the Festival, DST-workshops will be organized by DST-specialists for those who wish to experience the process of DST creating.

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