Studies in South Asian Film & Media


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Studies in South Asian Film & Media is a double-blind peer-reviewed publication committed to looking at the media and cinemas of the Indian subcontinent in their social, political, economic, historical, and increasingly globalized and diasporic contexts. The journal will evaluate these topics in relation to class, caste, gender, race, sexuality and ideology.

Media International Australia. Culture & Policy


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Media International Australia – MIA – is a peer-reviewed journal publishing scholarly research and reviews about media, telecommunications and cultural industries, policies and practices. Founded in 1976 and primarily focused on Australia and New Zealand, MIA aims to be inclusive, interdisciplinary and international. Articles range widely across media forms, scholarly fields and geographic regions, including Asia and the Pacific. We welcome empirical, applied and theoretical research, historical and speculative analysis, as well as debate and commentary.

Journal of Chinese Cinemas 


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Journal of Chinese Cinemas is a major refereed academic publication devoted to the study of Chinese film, drawing on the recent world-wide growth of interest in Chinese cinemas. An incredibly diverse range of films has emerged from all parts of the Chinese-speaking world over the last few years, with an ever increasing number of border-crossing collaborative efforts prominent among them. These exciting developments provide abundant ground for academic research.

Journal of Content, Community & Communication


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TAmity School of Communication, AUMP, Gwalior is publishing a bi-annual referred and peer-reviewed journal named “Journal of Content, Community & Communication”. The Journal of Content, Community & Communication aims to delve into the inquiry and provide a forum for discussion on contemporary communication issues within wider social, economic, cultural and technological contexts. The Journal of Content, Community & Communication shall focus on the South-Asia region and provide an open forum for researchers and academicians to come up with research in the field of media studies, digital media content and communication studies.

Global Media and China


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Global Media and China is a peer-reviewed, open access journal, which provides a dedicated, interdisciplinary forum for research. The journal welcomes articles on all aspects of international research in the field of communication and media studies and has a particular interest in how global media are impacting on, and are in turn being transformed by China, specifically Chinese institutions, industries and audiences. Research on digital platforms, social media and related policy is welcome. Please see the Aims and Scopes tab for further information.

E-journal of Intermedia


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E-Journal of Intermedia started its publication under patronship of Istanbul Commerce University, Faculty of Communication and Media and Communication Departement in 2014. Intermedia as an international e-journal is aimed to be published bi annually i.e. in June and December online.