Studies in South Asian Film & Media


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Studies in South Asian Film & Media is a double-blind peer-reviewed publication committed to looking at the media and cinemas of the Indian subcontinent in their social, political, economic, historical, and increasingly globalized and diasporic contexts. The journal will evaluate these topics in relation to class, caste, gender, race, sexuality and ideology.

Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research


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The Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research (JAMMR) is a refereed academic publication dedicated to the study of communication, culture and society in the Arab and Muslim world. It aims to lead the debate about the rapid changes in media and society in that part of the world. This journal is also interested in diasporic media like satellite TV, radio and new media, especially in Europe and North America. The journal serves a large international community of academics, researchers, students, journalists, policy makers and civil society organizations in the West as well as the Arab and Muslim countries.

Arab Media & Society


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Arab Media & Society is a primary resource for media research in the region. The journal, published biannually online and in print, offers peer-reviewed scholarly research and analysis on a wide array of topics pertaining to the dynamic media landscape across the Arab world. For more information, please see our publishing policy. The Arab Media & Society website produces and curates diverse content examining media and life in the Arab region and diaspora. This includes reporting, analysis, interviews, reviews of books, conferences, and films, a podcast, and more.