Written Communication


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Written Communication is an international journal that publishes methodological inquiry and empirical research on writing from multiple theoretical and disciplinary perspectives, including literacy studies, semiotics, anthropology, education, history, journalism, linguistics, measurement, psychology, and rhetoric.

Topics of continuing interest include:

  • interactions among writing systems and composing technologies
  • the history of writing systems
  • the social and political consequences of writing and writing instruction
  • construct development and validation
  • innovative classroom teaching and principled assessment of L1 and multilingual literacy practices
  • genre
  • transcultural and trans-scriptal writing practices
  • the role of writing in the social construction of knowledge
  • materialist studies of writing
  • research from historically marginalized locations of writing
  • the nature and uses of writing in disciplinary, professional, civic, and personal domains
  • cognitive processes of text-production
  • multimodality and transmodality
  • relationships among gender, race, socioeconomic status, disability, neurodivergence, and writing
  • studies of writing as a means of oppression, liberation, and resistance
  • connections among writing, reading, speaking, and listening

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