Science Communication


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The primary aim of Science Communication is to publish peer-reviewed research that is focused on both science and communication and is of the highest quality, in terms of theory and methods. As mentioned in our journal description, we define science broadly to include social science, technology, environment, engineering, and health, as well as the physical and natural sciences.

Digital Journalism


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Launched in 2013, Digital Journalism is the premier outlet for advancing international research into digital journalism studies (DJS). The journal aims to maintain its position as a leader of cutting-edge journalism research, providing a critical forum to advance scholarship that intersects with numerous disciplines.



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Folios es una publicación de la Facultad de Comunicaciones y Filología, hecha en formatos
impreso y digital y con acceso abierto. Nos interesa el pensamiento de la Universidad de
Antioquia sobre el periodismo y las comunicaciones y también nos interesa que los
colegas de otras instituciones del país y del exterior piensen el periodismo y las
comunicaciones a través de la Universidad de Antioquia.

American Periodicals: A Journal of History & Criticism


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American Periodicals: A Journal of History & Criticism is an annual publication devoted exclusively to scholarship and criticism relating to American magazines and newspapers of all periods Sponsored by the Research Society for American Periodicals and founded by James T. F. Tanner, American Periodicals is now under the editorship of Karen Roggenkamp, Sarah Salter, and Brian Sweeney, and is published by The Ohio State University Press. The journal is published twice a year.

Correspondencias & análisis


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La revista Correspondencias & análisis es editada y financiada al 100% por el Instituto de Investigación de la Escuela Profesional de Comunicación de la Universidad de San Martín de Porres. La misión de la revista es convertirse en una fuente de investigación académica en comunicación social a nivel nacional e internacional, que contribuya en la generación de fuentes propias y próximas de la situación del Perú, así como de la realidad global.

Written Communication


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The essential journal for research on the study of writing in all its symbolic forms, Written Communication has a broad and interdisciplinary view of what writing is, how writing gets done, and what writing does in the world. Written Communication's aims and scope encompass a wide range of topics, and its pages consistently provide readers with new research findings, new theoretical concepts, and new ways of understanding how writing is practiced in schools, workplaces, and communities.

World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies


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The journal World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies (ISSN 2307-1605) is an open access peer-reviewed journal published in the English language. It represents a review of original research in the field of media and journalism studies conducted by Russian and international authors from diverse cities and institutions. World of Media is aimed at promoting the development of Russian media and journalism studies in both national and global contexts, and stimulating a wider public interest in the journalism theories, methods, findings and applications generated by research in communication and allied fields.

Verso e reverso


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Verso e Reverso é uma revista acadêmica que se dedica à construção de um espaço arbitrado de publicação para o desenvolvimento da comunidade de pesquisadores e críticos com interesse em comunicação. A revista é interdisciplinar e publica tanto trabalhos teóricos como empíricos com o objetivo de contribuir para uma compreensão da comunicação em suas relações com a sociedade, a economia, a política e a cultura.

Revista Observatório


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The Revista Observatório / Observatory Journal (ISSN nº 2447-4266) is a quarterly publication of the Research Centre and Centre for Applied Research Extension to Journalism and Education (OPAJE) of the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT) whose mission is to act to promote academic discussion and advanced interdisciplinary studies in the field Communication, Journalism and Education. The purpose of the Observatory Magazine is to establish itself as a scholarly journal to present, in the form of scientific articles, research findings and stimulate debate on theoretical and methodological issues of research in Communication, Journalism and Education, while that It proposes to contribute to the creation and strengthening of a network of researchers at the confluence of these areas in national and international level, based on the groups and research centers in Brazil and abroad. The magazine is guided on the principle of democratization of scientific knowledge by encouraging public access, immediate and free to all its published content.