«These Thems» Is the Must-See Comedy Series That Centers Nonbinary People

+ info: Advocate

While there’s been progress in LGBTQ visibility in pop culture over the past several years, nonbinary, genderqueer, and trans-masculine identities continue to be underrepresented. Of course, there are some nonbinary actors who’ve made inroads of representation like Asia Kate Dillon on Billions and Theo Germaine on The Politician and Work in Progress. But in These Thems, from creator, writer, and actress Gretchen Wylder (who is a queer femme), nonbinary and trans identities are centered in the story directed by Jett Garrison and produced by Sophia Clark.

With humor, heart, and even a few celebratory musical numbers, Wylder’s episodic series that premieres on the OML channel and the These Thems website Thursday, begins with her character, Gretchen, realizing she’s queer and then diving deep into a magical world of queer identities. From there, she meets Vico Ortiz’s Vero, Shaan Dasani’s Asher, and T.I. Thompson’s Ti, and that’s just the beginning.