Revista Luciérnaga


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La Revista Luciérnaga- Comunicación es una publicación científica coeditada por el Politécnico Colombiano Jaime Isaza Cadavid-PCJIC & la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí- México- UASLP. Se creó en el 2008, es virtual y de carácter semestral. Está interesada en difundir  nuevo conocimiento científico  interdisciplinario en relación con las TIC, educomunicación, estudios culturales, organizaciones, audiovisual, entre otros. Los artículos son evaluados por pares académicos en proceso doble ciego.  Publica textos de investigación, resultados de investigación, reflexiones producto de investigación así como estados del arte, estudios de caso, sistematización de experiencia y  reflexiones teóricas. El rigor metodológico y la obtención de resultados de investigación son requisitos para la revisión y publicación de originales.

Public Culture


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Public Culture is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal of cultural studies, published three times a year—in January, May, and September. It is sponsored by the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU. A four-time CELJ award winner, Public Culture has been publishing field-defining ethnographies and analyses of the cultural politics of globalization for over thirty years. The journal provides a forum for the discussion of the places and occasions where cultural, social, and political differences emerge as public phenomena, manifested in everything from highly particular and localized events in popular or folk culture to global advertising, consumption, and information networks. Artists, activists, and scholars, both well-established and younger, from across the humanities and social sciences and around the world, present some of their most innovative and exciting work in the pages of Public Culture.

Moment Journal


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Moment Journal is a peer-reviewed, international online journal published twice a year by the Faculty of Communication, Hacettepe University. The Journal is intended to promote the broad field of cultural studies with genuine academic works that promise new questions and strong theoretical perspectives. An interdisciplinary journal, Moment Journal publishes articles on topics including media, gender, intercultural communication, sociology of communication, philosophy of communication, art, literature, anthropology, geography, economics and history. Inspired by Gramsci’s concept of “moment”, you are welcome to the Moment Journal to quest for historical moments, movements and the praxis for a critical reading of social events.

Journal of Communication Inquiry


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The Journal of Communication Inquiry (JCI) is a forward-thinking, interdisciplinary forum that explores communication and mass communication phenomena within cultural and historical perspectives. Publishing cutting-edge research and analysis, the Journal of Communication Inquiry emphasizes philosophical, evaluative, empirical, legal, historical and critical inquiry into relationships between mass communication and society across time and culture.

International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics


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The International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal committed to analysing the politics of communication(s) and cultural processes. It addresses cultural politics in their local, international and global dimensions, recognizing equally the importance of issues defined by their specific cultural geography and those that traverse cultures and nations.

Global Media and Communication


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Global Media and Communication is essential and exciting reading for academics, researchers and students engaged in the international aspects of: communication studies, media studies, cultural studies, anthropology, telecommunications, sociology, politics, public policy, migration and diasporic studies, economics, geography/urban studies, transnational security and international relations.

Comunicación: revista Internacional de Comunicación Audiovisual, Publicidad y Estudios Culturales


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Comunicación. Revista Internacional de Comunicación Audiovisual, Publicidad y Estudios Culturales es una publicación científica cuyo objetivo es la investigación académica acerca de temas relacionados con la comunicación audiovisual, la publicidad, las relaciones públicas, la propaganda y los estudios culturales. La revista también contempla como objetivos la teoría y la investigación en comunicación.

Continuum Journal of Media & Cultural Studies


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Continuum is an academic journal of media and cultural studies. For over two decades it has contributed to the formation of these disciplines by identifying new areas for investigation and developing new agendas for enquiry in the fields. The journal has consistently provided a space for important new voices in media and cultural studies, while also featuring the work of internationally renowned scholars. Continuum is now one of the most highly regarded and most cited journals in media and cultural studies.

Critical Studies in Media Communication


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Critical Studies in Media Communication (CSMC) is a peer-reviewed publication of the National Communication Association. CSMC publishes original scholarship in mediated and mass communication from a cultural studies and/or critical perspective. It particularly welcomes submissions that enrich debates among various critical traditions, methodological and analytical approaches, and theoretical standpoints.